Idyllwild’s first Fourth of July parade took place in 1966. As seen in this July 8, 1966 Town Crier photo, the spirit remains the same today with all members of the community, regardless of age, participating. The boy riding the horse is Idyllwild resident Wayne Trott. File photo

60 years ago - 1951
A county road crew installed sidewalks and curbs downtown.

55 years ago - 1956
Actress Marjorie Main, best known for her role as “Ma Kettle,” bought a lot on Dickenson Road.

50 years ago - 1961
A touch of the Old West livened the 4th of July weekend as ropers competed at the Idyllwild Stables Arena.

45 years ago - 1966
The first publicly-funded street lights were installed at 18 locations in Idyllwild.

40 years ago - 1971
Four motorcyclists went to Hemet Valley Hospital with injuries from a street scuffle between cycle gangs in the business district of Idyllwild.

35 years ago - 1976
In the face of strong objections from agricultural and mining interests, the Riverside County Planning Commission declined to approve a proposed tree-removal control ordinance.

30 years ago - 1981
Two Idyllwild long-timers, Maggie Dutton and Inie Wilson, were honored at the Idyllwild Soroptimist’s Donor’s Luncheon, where they told stories of their early years in Idyllwild. “In those days, people were not judged by what kind of car they drove or how big their house was; they were judged by the size of their wood pile,” Maggie was quoted as saying.

25 years ago - 1986
Hill residents were jarred awake at 2:21 a.m. Tuesday, July 8, when a 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit. Although there were no injuries, some homes and businesses suffered extensive damage.

20 years ago - 1991
At the Chamber’s installation dinner, Pete Capparelli was awarded the annual “Essence of Idyllwild” award and also received a plaque from then 3rd District Supervisor Jim Venable for his years of Chamber service.

15 years ago - 1996
There were two Independence Day Parades in Idyllwild that year. Having just returned to the Hill after being evacuated due to the Bee Canyon Fire, residents arranged a spontaneous parade made up of returning fire engines and firefighters. Spectators never stopped cheering. The “regular” parade took place two days later on July 6.

10 years ago - 2001
The results of a survey conducted by the Town Crier showed 77 percent of respondents were opposed to incorporation for Idyllwild.

5 years ago - 2006
Many Idyllwild residents had acting roles in Steve Savage’s feature film “Cosmic Radio,” being shot in Idyllwild. The 4th of July Parade was filmed for inclusion in the movie.

1 year ago - 2010
Idyllwild residents and visitors attended the season’s first concert in the Idyllwild Summer Concert Series produced by Ken Dahleen. This year, the first concert, a Santana tribute by Bohemio, takes place on Thursday, July 7.