In this photo published Nov. 27, 1975, Ernie Maxwell, Town Crier founder, fashions a turkey for Thanksgiving and that weekend’s Harvest Festival at Town Hall. This year’s Harvest Festival takes place after Thanksgiving and is still held at Town Hall. File photo

65 years ago - 1946
The E.H. Kincaides bought the Cole house nearing completion on the corner of River Drive.

60 years ago - 1951
Building started on the new Idyllwild Motel, a 10-unit structure on Pine Crest behind La Cantina.

55 years ago - 1956
An Arabian horse show climaxed Palm Springs’ Western Week. Mary Nelson of Idyllwild was chair of the show, with Claire Woodmouse assisting.

50 years ago - 1961
The Alandale Water Company filed articles of incorporation in Sacramento to supply water service of approximately 900 acres in the vicinity of Stone Creek.

45 years ago - 1966
After a 34-year search, Mrs. Elbert McKissack of Mountain Center located her mother in a Cleveland suburb. McKissack had been raised by foster parents.

• • •

Mac and Paddy McClenahan of Anaheim came to the Hill for a vacation and ended up buying Singingwood Motel.

40 years ago - 1971
Vandals broke into the Idyllwild Elementary School, stealing a broken pair of scissors and the secretary’s apple.

• • •

A cold month of October ended with the temperature dipping to 11 degrees. Idyllwild also saw a second dusting of snow.

• • •

Highway 243, the Banning-Idyllwild Highway, was transferred to the state. Previously it had been part of the Riverside County Road System.

35 years ago - 1976
Legal questions on some wording in the draft REMAP were requiring county counsel’s opinion. The questionable paragraph attempted to protect unconforming areas under the new plan.

30 years ago - 1981
Phil Hodges, Gordon Lee and Bill Whitener were elected to the three positions on the Idyllwid Fire Protection District Board of Commissioners. Bruce Adams was re-elected to another term as a trustee on the Hemet Unified School District Board.

25 years ago - 1986
A 3.1 earthquake centered 18 miles southwest of Palm Springs and a 3.2 earthquake centered 19 miles west of Palm Springs were both felt on the Hill the same day, Nov. 3.

20 years ago - 1991
More than 800 people joined in the carnival on Halloween night. Plans were to make it bigger for the next year.

15 years ago - 1996
Idyllwild residents voted down the controversial Measure Q, a parcel fee to suport a recreation center on the Hill.

10 years ago - 2001
A 5.1 earthquake centered 10 miles southeast of Anza hit just before midnight Oct. 30.

5 years ago - 2006
Chamber of Commerce 1st Vice President Geoffrey Caine announced James Campbell as the new Director of Town Hall Recreation. Campbell was unanimously choosen from a pool of applicants to replace Bob Lewis who had recently accepted a position with Riverside County.

1 year ago - 2010
Mountain Disaster Preparedness (MDP) staged its first ever night exercise at the Disaster Aid Station on Saunders Meadow Road, near Astrocamp.