On July 1, the Idyllwild Town Crier launched a new website designed to be “what you’d expect of a news source in the 21st century,” said Production Manager Halie Johnson who spearheaded and oversaw the launch.

“We wanted to make our content more interactive, easier to search archives, compatible with social media and generally more user-friendly,” Johnson said.

Johnson said new features include readers’ ability to comment and dialogue on stories and local issues, find all “On the Town” articles without having a subscription, and the posting of news as it happens, more like a daily newspaper.

The free access to “On the Town” is designed to give off-Hill site visitors access to upcoming entertainment news. Also new is a “Weekender” e-blast sent out to anyone who signs up on the site. The “Weekender”, e-mailed Wednesdays, will preview entertainment events in Idyllwild for the coming weekend.

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