ptions for obtaining new homeowners insurance policies in Idyllwild appear to be shrinking, with State Farm’s apparent decision to limit its risk and not write new policies here and some other mountain areas. Although State Farm will continue to insure existing policyholders in Idyllwild, and will consider writing new policies for a second home of an existing policyholder who has been insured with State Farm for at least a year, it is choosing to limit its exposure by not writing new policies.

“State Farm has not been writing new policies here for at least two months,” said Idyllwild Realty’s Steve Taylor. “I understand they may write again when their ratios improve.” Although not willing to be quoted, several State Farms agents verified that information.

A State Farm public affairs spokesperson said she was not aware that company policy had changed, and suggested policies could still be written on a case-by-case basis. She emphasized that it is always an underwriting decision about where the company does business.

Withdrawing from a market is not the same as redlining, a practice of discriminatory refusals to write policies based on racial or economic profiling.

As of this writing, Farmers Insurance still writes here, as does Pacifica Specialty Insurance Company. Nick Todd, Tara Insurance in Idyllwild, writes for Pacifica in conjunction with California Fair Plan.

Local Broker Caleb Kirk, Custom Choice Insurance, writes with Foremost Insurance, American Modern and American Life.