Laurie Maxwell (top left) and family gather at the Ernie Maxwell Scenic trailhead in Humber Park prior to the Friday EMax hike, part of the weeklong EMax celebration. Photo by John Drake

Mary Ann E. Miller converses with Kay and Blair Ceniceros, two of the Fire Safe Council’s original founders, who returned to Idyllwild for the Friday event. Photo by Cid Castillo

Top, Laurie Maxwell, Ernie Maxwell’s niece, presents the Mountain communities Fire Safe Council’s Woodies with the first Ernie Maxwell Community Spirit Award.

Former Idyllwild Town Crier Publisher-Editor Becky Clark and former Assistant Editor Ingrid Wolfe embrace during the Centennial celebration of Ernie Maxwell’s birthday, founder of the Town Crier. Photo by Cid Castillo

Photo by Cid Castillo

An enthusiastic group of hikers gathered Friday morning, July 8, in a Memorial Hike of the Ernie Maxwell Scenic Trail and were rewarded with the striking beauty of this unique path complete with brilliant sunshine filtering through majestic pines, oaks and cedars. Hikers were led by Jerri John who provided insights into the wonders found along the route. Photo by Cid Castillo

Special Ernie Maxwell “May the Forest Be With You” T-shirts were available during the Ernie Maxwell Centennial ceremony Friday evening, July 8. Overseeing the sales are Ernie Maxwell’s grandniece Halley McKenzie (center), her son, Jonathan, and Town Crier Production Manager Halie Johnson. Photo by Cid Castillo


Like ordinary men Ernie Maxwell enjoys the company of others and the solitude of the mountains.
Like all of us he loves the sharing of ideas, a peaceful hike, the sound of music,
He simply loves it all much more.

Like us, he shares his wealth, he treats us kindly,
Like us, he tries to make the world better,
Like us, he strives to add beauty to the world, He simply does it all much more.

Like ordinary men he chops his wood and plants his trees.
Like all of use he reads and watches, seeking to understand.
He simply does it all much more.

Like us, he dreams and acts and seeks the new,
Like us, he cares about the town, the Hill, the world,
Like us, he laughs at human frailty and his own,
He simply does it all much more.

What is extraordinary about this man?
His generousity of spirit, his readiness to help,
His talent in so many things — art ... leadership ... empathy ... imagination.
His lack of the prejudice that confines the spirit of ordinary men,
His quest for new ideas, and refusal to be bound by the familiar,
His ability to create, to do,
His zest for life,
His reach,
His joy,
His ability to win the hearts of all of us.
He does it all much more.
— Kay Ceniceros