Thornton Wilder’s “Our Town” was a sold out event at the Caine Learning Center for the three nights it played this weekend. Below, Chris Maxson, right, guides two visitors, Cathy Vasilev, left, from Los Angeles and Idyllwild resident Patty Kaplan, center, on a personal tour of her studio as part of the Art Alliance of Idyllwild Member Studio Tour. Photo by Cid Castillo


  1. This was a terrific production and a perfect fit Idyllwild. Three sold-out nights attest to not only the strength of the production, but the strength and speed of word of mouth on the hill. I wasn't sure of my schedule and didn't buy a ticket in advance, resulting in my being seated on the deck of the Caine Learning Center on Sunday night! No matter, I thoroughly enjoyed the play, even as the mosquitos treated my wrists and ankles as bargain night at The Home Town Buffet. I understand there's a possibility this production will be brought back in the fall. OH BOY! If interested, please contact the Isis Theatre Company. Our town definitely benefits from "Our Town"!