Don Dietz’ letter to the editor in last week’s paper really struck home about all the wonderful people that live in the Idyllwild area: people from all walks of life and belief systems and political ideas.

His statement about talking together with mutual respect was so refreshing, especially with regard to mutual problems. Then I read Mark Salter’s [letter in the same issue].

I am so glad that Mr. Salter holds himself in such high esteem. He takes advantage of the Town Crier to voice his opinion and to exercise his First Amendment rights. I was annoyed to read his first and his final sentences advocating the denial of First Amendment rights to anyone who disagrees with him.

Since Mr. Salter believes (in the analysis of the Town Crier’s lead) that his opinion is better, I would expect him to need to know the opinions of others to puff himself up even more. Not so.

In his own words, he expects the Town Crier to censor any voice but his. Has he not read our Constitution? The Bill of Rights is for every citizen, not just Mr. Salter.

I may not agree with Mr. Salter’s opinion on some things, but I am bound by the Constitution of the United States of America to defend his right to state them even though he would deny me the right to state mine.

I am astonished that a person who claims to believe in our rights would so blatantly advocate the denial of them for others. Is this truly the liberal point of view?

I always thought that the ideas of liberals had merit and should be considered. With this enlightenment from Mr. Salter, am I to now understand that liberals are the enemies of liberty and civil rights? I am sorry that Mr. Salter has so little faith in the citizenry that he believes that he needs to decide what we read.

I have a more conservative viewpoint and I would never deny anyone their right to free speech. I am pleased that our newspaper prints letters from every point of view.

Nancy Borchers
Pine Cove