I think Dr Tom’s decision to end debate on evolution vs. creation to be unfortunate, but wise. It has been my experience that once a belief system has been established it is difficult to overcome, and continued debate usually ends in argument and division.

I use the word “belief” because both creationists and evolutionists require it.

Evolutionists accurately claim scientific evidence for their theory, but they have not been able to demonstrate the theory by the scientific method. This would require test and verification and, to my knowledge, no scientist has been able to create life from inorganic matter — a very necessary part of the theory. Nor has any biologist ever been able to breed across species, another necessary step in the evolutionary process.

To say evolution does not exist also is silly for we see clear evidence of it through natural selection and the adaptations of life to varying conditions. It is the limits of evolutionary theory wherein the true debate lies.

To say all scientists accept the theory of evolution also is not accurate.

Microbiologist Behe is one who wrote dispassionately about problems with Darwin’s theory in his book “Darwin’s Black Box.” In this book, he brings up the problem of irreducible complexity, which greatly complicates Darwin’s beloved theory.

Another problem I too often see ignored is that of entropy. Everywhere in nature we see systems degrade in complexity, constantly moving to lower, unrecoverable energy levels. The only way systems increase in complexity is with the addition of intelligent energy. From where might this come?

Creationists believe in a Supreme Being and Creator. With this simple statement, anything becomes possible. This must seem too easy and lazy, but I do not think it is either.

I heard a college chemistry professor once say it is the job of scientists to discover “how”; it is left to philosophers and theologians to discover “why.” The how is the great and noble pursuit of science.

It cannot be easy to accept this idea of a Supreme Being to whom we are accountable, for if true, it must impact our entire world view and behavior.

It is truly the great challenge of life and does not allow one to be lazy.

Tom Evans



  1. ” The only way systems increase in complexity is with the addition of intelligent energy. From where might this come?

    Really? The law of Thermodynamics says that this occurs in a “closed system.” Since the earth has a constant supply of energy it is not closed.

    And another thing. What on earth is “intelligent energy”?