As the sands of the hourglass shift and change, so do the facades that mark the comings and goings of Idyllwild businesses.

Longtime Faux Ever After owners Clay Helgren and Robert Bush have had their property on the market for about five years. New owners, with closing in about a month, are an off-Hill L.L.C. with local entrepreneur Shane Stewart as a managing member, according to Stewart.

“We’ve had a good 12 years,” said Helgren of his high-end retail establishment that has been a solid staple of Idyllwild’s business milieu. “And now it’s time to move on.” Helgren and Bush will continue their other local pursuits, which include Helgren’s work for Living Free, their joint residential management of the Peaceful Mountain Inn, and
Bush’s work as an artist and illustrator.

Also changing hands is Patrick Lippert’s Grey Squirrel. Shane Stewart’s group is also picking up this iconic Idyllwild business. It too will close in about a month.

Also, we now have a bit more information about Forest Furniture in the Village Lane. Owners Janet and Martin Jones occupy two spaces in Village Lane and specialize in custom furniture items, glasswork and unique antique jewelry pieces. Martin is a skilled wood craftsman who can custom make any desired furniture item, including counter and mantle tops. “He mills all his wood locally,” said Janet.

Forest Furniture is open from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday through Monday, with closing on Sunday at 5 p.m.