At the Wednesday, Aug. 10, Pine Cove Water District (PCWD) board meeting, directors were surprised to learn of an incident that occurred in February involving Southern California Edison (SCE) and Piño Tree Service at Dutch Flats on PCWD property.
General Manager Jeremy Potter and Office Manager Becky Smith explained to the board that in February, a Piño truck had backed into an SCE pole, damaging equipment on the pole.
Potter and Smith said they contacted SCE about the damage at the time. They expected to receive contact from SCE about a cost to repair the pole but did not until a Claim Against a Governmental Agency dated Aug. 4, 2022, was sent certified to PCWD.
PCWD contacted Koosje Piño, owner of the tree service, who the two said came to the office right away and paid the total cost. According to the SCE claim copy the Town Crier obtained, the total cost was $7,926.33.