Idyllwild is a wonderful place. It has many active and concerned citizens. However, it seems that issues are talked to death and bickering on both sides of items get in the way of a final consensus.

A case in point is the Idyllwild Community Recreation Council (ICRC). The infighting and lack of leadership has hampered any effort to move forward.

It is my understanding that five years ago a plan was put in place. It was mutually acceptable by the residents. The original plan has been set aside and the committee has lost sight of their mission to bring the ICRC dream into reality.

Because of lack of progress, change in focus and some irregularities, the county has rightly taken over the leadership for developing the recreation center and implementing the activities.

If the committee and the community were smart, they would reach out to the county in a spirit of cooperation and partnership. rather than a confrontational attitude of “we versus they.”

The “Save Town Hall” issue is only a small piece of the pie. Look at the overall picture, services to seniors, the young people and community groups must be considered in any plan.

The size and scope of the center is certainly a factor. A master plan for usage should be developed and architectural concepts should be functional as well as fit into the environment.

A park for kids and dogs is selfish and short-sighted. The citizens of Idyllwild need a place for all seasons and all community groups. I believe the venue for the outdoor concerts must be preserved as it is supported by many local citizens. With a new recreation complex perhaps Town Hall could become a community playhouse sponsored by various musical and theater groups. And yes, include Pine Cove as they would be involved in the use and support of the facilities.

ICRC committee and concerned Idyllwild citizens, put on your thinking caps and move forward in concert with the county. Develop a master plan and proceed with its implementation.

Obviously the county is fed up with the lack of progress. They want action. Now is the time for the ICRC and the citizens of Idyllwild to work together with the county to bring a mutually agreed upon recreation center plan into reality.

Don Dietz
Pine Cove Summer Resident