My response from a community chat: I’m not talking about wages. In fact, try to get someone off the Hill to come up here and work for those wages. It won’t happen.

Look at Idyllwild Water. It has to outsource its employees. It can’t find a manager with the amount it wants to pay so it pays someone a large amount of money to work a few days a week.

If it wasn’t for the cell tower in Pine Cove, what do you think your water bill would be? They kept their fees down for as long as they have until now.

How long can Fern Valley go if it can’t get water from the creek?

IWD has a foot of water in its lake that will be gone very soon. Pretend that doesn’t mean anything. Keep giving water away to a school that makes more than $30,000 a year from each student.

People who live here and don’t own a business don’t make money from the water they buy.

They stopped Black’s wells years ago from taking water off the Hill and selling it.

What’s the difference? There are many different things and all I hear from PC is, “We have the best water”; from FV, nothing; from IWD, most say consolidate and also from some in FV.

It’s just a matter of time. If the Hill doesn’t do something together, only the very rich will be here.

Michael Freitas