Having been a longtime resident of Idyllwild, I am somewhat bewildered by the abandonment of the Town Crier’s policy of one letter per month per contributor. Our town is big enough to surely have more comments than constant diatribes from Jeff Smith and T.S. Bennett.

I’ve never seen Mr. Smith’s name mentioned on any board or committee, but he always has a plethora of statistics and answers to mostly unasked questions. Come on out of your glass house, Mr. Smith, and contribute your time and helpful suggestions to help these town projects work, rather than always trashing everything with your constant negativity.

Next we have T.S. Bennett who has his thinking cap on slightly askew, especially when it comes to Idyllwild history.

Yes, Mr. Bennett, you can trash Mr. Rod Welch (former owner of the Carriage Inn and all of Alandale). He was the person that totally destroyed the environment for young people in town. The plunge was destroyed, the bowling alley, the miniature golf, etc. and yes, he was a complete failure as a human being. But! Your memory (were you living in Idyllwild during the 1960s?) seems way out of whack.

I was here and don’t remember any mothers leaving notes on cars — most of these young people whom you refer to didn’t even own cars. So, just where was all this hate from in the last few years, Mr. Bennett, except in your letters to the Town Crier?

As far as the senior center, it was sacrificed by the three water districts, due to lack of use by the older folks for which it was intended.

Now, if both you gentlemen will stop spewing your hatred to the Town Crier, maybe we can get on with getting some of these lost things back for our village inhabitants, young and older.

Bob Dunn