Jeremy Teeguarden reported on Town Hall Adult Coed Softball standings for the week of Aug. 1.

On Wednesday, softball got the OK from the Hemet Unified School District and Riverside County to continue the season.

The first game pitted the Creekstone Inn against the Idyllwild Tea Cubs. Great hitting from Creekstone Inn’s women gave them an early lead, which was never surrendered. Creekstone’s Rachel Teeguarden and Kelly Cochrane each had a couple nice hits and scored a couple runs. The Tea Cubs’ Cheryl Vladika had a couple great hits and scored a run, but Creekstone Inn won 14-6.

On Thursday, Cafe Aroma and Ajax faced off. Kirsten Torrez and Maria Loutzenhiser each had a couple great hits and led the charge as Ajax built an insurmountable lead. Craig Wills did his best to keep Café Aroma in the game with a couple hits and a run, but Ajax came away with a 15-4 victory.

On Friday, Forest Lumber took on Café Aroma in a big game for the playoff race. Aroma’s Chad Marler had a couple of three-run home runs and Forest Lumber‘s Buddy Beagle had a grand slam home run. Both teams scored many runs. Kendra Wines’ hitting helped Forest Lumber prevail 23-17 in the high-scoring and important game.

Two more big games were played on Monday. The first game, between Pacific Slope and Creekstone Inn, pitted the league’s top two teams. Good defense by both teams kept the game close early on. Although Creekstone’s Josh White had a two-run home run it wasn’t enough. Pacific Slope’s Jeff Donahoo had a couple hits and Danielle Whitney drove in two key runs, leading Pacific Slope to a 7-4 win and giving Creekstone Inn their first loss of the season.

Pacific Slope also played in the second game and faced Ajax. Both pitchers, Slope’s Ryan Righetti and Ajax’s Fred Espinoza, pitched great in the big game. Ajax got off to a quick start as Drew Marcus scored one of his three runs scored in the game. Pacific Slope’s Jon Pino had a key hit in the last inning trying to ignite a come back, but Ajax made the plays and hung on to win 7-3.

Standings Wins Losses
Creekstone Inn 6 1
Ajax 5 2
Pacific Slope 4 2
Forest Lumber 3 4
Idyllwild Tea Company 1 5
Café Aroma 1 6

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