Town Hall Sports Coordinator Jeremy Teeguarden reported on Town Hall Youth baseball for the week of May 14.

T-Ball League
On Monday, the American Legion Dodgers took on the Idyllwild Professional Cleaning Service White Sox in the first baseball game of the year. Blayke Gaceta had a couple nice hits for the White Sox. Ethan Sheppard played great for the Dodgers going after the ball in the field and making good throws.

On Friday the Idyllwild Professional Cleaning Service White Sox played their second game, but this time their opponent was the Idyllwild Rotary Padres. The Padres were excited for their first game of the year. Tyler Sonnier hit the ball well and ran all over the bases. Zane Booth played great getting a several nice hits for the White Sox.

Minor League
The first game of the year in the Minor League took place Monday when the Shell Astros took on the Suburban Propane Rangers. The Astros started fast, scoring three runs in the first inning, including the first of Cody Fogle’s three runs. Michael Stroud made a nice catch for the Rangers at third base in the last inning as the Rangers tried to come back. Jessa Smith got a big hit to help secure the win for the Astros as they held on to win 11-4.

On Thursday, the Shell Astros played against the Idyllwild Inn D-backs. Both teams scored twice in the first inning. Preston Pino got a hit and scored a run for the D-Backs and Johnny Fuentes hit a home run to score the Astros’ runs. In the second inning, the Astros got their second home run of the game when Layton Teeguarden hit one down the left field line. Katelyn Sonnier kept the D-Backs hot scoring three runs as the D-Backs won 9-6.

On Saturday the Idyllwild Inn D-Backs faced the Suburban Propane Rangers, who scored early and often. Emma Righetti and Maraja Kelly each scored runs early in the game. The D-Backs tried to rally in the later innings. Tony Badger and Joel White scored two of the D-backs five runs in the fourth inning. In the end the Rangers came away with the win 16-7.

League Standings

Team Wins Losses
Idyllwild Inn D-Backs 1 1
Shell Astros 1 1
Suburban Propane Rangers 1 1

Major League
The Majors started Thursday with the Higher Grounds Rays playing the Wooley’s Orioles. The Orioles got off to a quick start with some key walks and timely hitting as they scored five runs in the first inning. Ty Bride got one of his three hits in the inning and drove in two runs. The Rays came back with two three-run innings and finally they tied the game in the third inning. Noah Rutherford and Cody Espinoza each hit a home run to lead the comeback. The Orioles got the tying runner on base but weren’t able to get them in as the Rays won 9-6.

On Friday, the Green Cafe Cubs were matched against the Higher Grounds Rays, who jumped out early with six runs in the first inning. Max Neu and Rylan Hardy each scored in the inning. Jake Gurling got a couple nice hits and Carolyn Edelstein scored a run for the Cubs. In the end the Rays were too tough and won 15-7.

On Saturday, the Green Cafe Cubs played the Wooley’s Orioles. The Cubs Nick Anderson pitched great for the Cubs and Aly Fogle scored two runs to lead the way for their team. The Orioles played hard as Tobin Alé and Nicole Cochrane made good defensive plays to keep their team close most of the game. The Cubs scored 4 runs in the last inning to seal the victory 8-0.

League Standings

Higher Grounds Rays

Green Cafe Cubs

Wooley’s Orioles

Team Wins Losses
2 0
1 1
0 2