The older couple stood along with others in their little group, who gathered to listen to the Marine Corp band, which played at the Summer Concert Series last Thursday. They stood because they were requested to stand if they were members of the armed forces, who bravely fought for the freedoms we have and enjoy today.

We honored them with applause. Then snap! They were back to complain mode faster than you can say Lady Gaga.

It was like watching a relay race. How many people can I get on my side? How many sponsors can I go up to so that my complaint is heard and attended to? Bring in the National Guard! Everyone to the frontline! Oh, it’s so awful!

They frowned upon others who were enjoying their freedom to dance, to march, to express themselves freely and to gather in front of the stage. Albeit, these little people, ranging from 1-year-olds to 10-year-olds, were having the time of their lives. Just like they have been doing for the previous six concerts.
Their parents contributed when the donation basket was passed. They had every right to let their little ones participate. After all, it is a free concert. Open to all.

All I could think of is how sad these grumpy individuals are who have nothing better to do than complain. How childish.

Enjoy the youth, for God’s sake. Enjoy their smiles and laughter, instead of being miserable old coots. All you had to do was pick up your chair and your smelly KFC bucket and move to another location.

They had the freedom to do that.

Kevin Baar