Editor’s note: This letter was sent to Caltrans.

We have lived in Cedar Glen, halfway between Idyllwild and Pine Cove off Highway 243, for 35 years. As that highway is used more and more, especially on weekends, it has become more and more dangerous to get onto that highway and off of it.

More and more we see drivers, in both directions, driving at 55 to 60 miles an hour.

Ours is not the only street that connects to this highway over this five miles. There also are driveways and just east of us is our Nature Center, where on a busy weekend there will be many cars parked on either side of the highway.

You need to put in 40 mph speed-limit signs, at regular intervals, in both directions, between Pine Cove and Idyllwild. Otherwise, someone is going to get killed and, I would guess, pretty soon — maybe even this summer.

You could call this a request, but it’s not. It’s a warning. Look to it.

And, P.S., a copy of this will be sent to our local weekly paper, the Town Crier, as a letter to the editor.

Dennis McGuire



  1. I am for a 40MPH speed limit starting where the Pine Cove 30MPH limit ends down to the 25MPH limit just before the Idy Fire Station.

    Can we do it? Or do we need CalTrans’ approval. Safety is critical on this strip.