As I sit here playing my dobro, anxiously awaiting the opening of the new park where I can play chess under the pines and sit on a bench and chew the fat with my old friends, it occurred to me that a great deal of silliness has gone on in our community since I last wrote a letter to the editor. Allow me, therefore, to cover several subjects.

First of all, the new fire fee is not “double taxation” in any meaningful sense. The woods are full of charges for things we thought we had already taken care of. The examples are too numerous to mention, but consider the fee schedule the next time you enter a national park.

We pay for our local fire district and we should also pay an additional amount for all those agencies who come to our rescue when disaster threatens. I remember standing teary-eyed (yes friends, it’s true) on North Circle Drive and cheering fire crews from all over the country after returning to Idyllwild from the Bee Canyon fire evacuation.

Until the “job creators” either create some jobs or start paying their fair share of taxes, we will have to pay for those things that are important to this community.

Secondly, local volunteer boards need to take responsibility for the shortcomings of their organizations. You take the credit, and you also have to take the blame.

It’s just like real life only in this case you can resign any time you want. It’s normally not the county’s fault and it definitely isn’t the fault of the local newspaper. As much as you might wish it to be otherwise, it is not the Town Crier’s job to be your cheerleader.

Finally, in the past there was a rule that letters to the editor from one author would not be published more than once in 30 days. Seems like an even better rule today. For example, while I would not call the O’Farrell and Hoffman debate old, it has certainly fully matured. For the record, Conor is right, and that should end the controversy in any event.

Oh, I almost forgot, along with the new park I am also looking forward to the next Fourth of July. Gee, I hope it doesn’t fall on a Sunday. Is there any way we can check this far in advance so we can all plan accordingly?

J. Kent Steele