Though I was not at the Marine Corps Band concert myself to witness what happened, I’d like to say that as a senior citizen and a foreign war veteran, I simply can not condone the actions of the elderly folks as described in several letters to the Town Crier.

Let me assure the people who were offended that very few of us seniors and veterans share that mind-set.

As a war veteran, I feel that what I fought for includes the freedom of everyone to show their respect, or even nonrespect, for our country as they see fit. It is not for me, or anyone else, to chastise those who don’t agree. That is what true freedom is all about.

I also realize that I was not born an adult. I, too, was once a child who had no idea what is meant by patriotism.

It was only after serving in a foreign war that I began to realize the importance of my freedom and how lucky we are to live in this great nation.

I have to wonder, had the children dancing and playing at the concert been the grandchildren of the elders, would they still have been labeled as “brats”?

I’m also troubled by the “rewarding” with treats those children who were not playing and dancing. What kind of message is that sending to the youth?

Perhaps the elders complaining would prefer to live in a state where those who don’t show the proper respect are shot on the spot. I certainly hope not.

Of course, there are always two sides to a story. Maybe by the time this letter arrives, the elders mentioned in the Town Crier letters will have had their say.

Bob Soukup
Long Beach and Pine Cove