A jury found Joseph A. Heredia, 35, of Anza, guilty on three of six filed charges. Heredia was convicted of arson to an inhabited structure or property and two counts of criminal threats.

Sentencing for these crimes is scheduled for Oct. 28.

The jury found Heredia not guilty of burglary, threatening the victim, witness or informant and one count of criminal threats.

He was arrested in February 2010 and charged with felony arson on an inhabited structure in the 52000 block of Highway 371. He was confined to Riverside County jail through the trial, which started on Aug. 18 and lasted nine days. The jury began deliberating on Sept. 6 and reached its verdicts one day later, Wednesday, Sept. 7.

Heredia has two prior convictions for misdemeanor battery. The first incident occurred in 2006 and the second a year later. He pleaded guilty to both in 2008.