Art Alliance of Idyllwild (AAI) president Lea Deesing, right, congratulates artist Gwen Novak, left, who won first place People’s Choice Award and also second place Artist’s Choice Award during AAI’s Juried Members’Show on Saturday, Sept. 10. Novak’s watercolor artwork may be seen in the background. Photos by Cid Castillo

Sculptor Norm Deesing won several awards during the Art Alliance of Idyllwild (AAI) Juried Members’ Show, including the coveted Artist of the Year award. Deesing also captured second place People’s Choice, first place Artists’ Choice and first place 3D — The Frank Vrabel Award.

Attendees of the Art Alliance of Idyllwild (AAI) Juried Members’ Show were able to purchase striking works of art at reasonable prices during the awards reception held at the Grey Squirrel building. AAI member Reba Coulter, right, holds art chosen by a prospective buyer.

The Art Alliance of Idyllwild held its 13th Annual Juried Artist Members’ Show this weekend. The categories, with the winners’ and awardees’ names and titles of their works are shown below.


  • First: Jean Requa Lubin, “Where Cattle Dozed and Dreamed”
  • Second: Paul Strahm, “San Diego Bay”
  • Third: Fariad, “Let Me Soar Above These Trees”


  • First: Carol Mills, “Casbah Memories”
  • Second: Carolyn Thomas, “Now Here/No Where”
  • Third: Gary Glasheen, “Ten Tell Eit”


  • First: Norman Deesing, “The Baptism”
  • Second: Mari Marnum, “Indian Chief”
  • Third: Bob Schraff, “Circles”
  • Honorable Mention: Trudy Levy, “Geometric Wandering”

Mixed Media

  • First: Rachel Welch, “Seated Nude”
  • Second: Scott Finnel, “Fall Leaves”
  • Third: Laurie Brinkmann, “Jimi”
  • Honorable Mention: Lisa Coffard, “Shades of Lavender”


  • First: Bill Sperling, “Shiny Redforms”
  • Second: Gary Kuscher, “Take-off”
  • Third: John Simpson, “Doolin Castle”

Artists’ Choice Award

  • First: Norman Deesing
  • Second: Gwen Novak

People’s Choice Award

  • First: Gwen Novak
  • Second: Norman Deesing

Artist of the Year: Norman Deesing