For the first time in a drill conducted by Mountain Disaster Preparedness (MDP), the Idyllwild Fire Protection District (IFPD) committed its resources to the simulated event. IFPD Firefighters Bryan Owen, left, and Greg Minor, right, transport an injured resident, portrayed by Betty Anderson, to the fire station where MDP Medical Core Nurse Gigi Kramer immediately checks paperwork prior to treating her. Photos by Cid Castillo

Shortly after 9 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 10, Mountain Disaster Preparedness (MDP) president Veronica Alt announced the start of the 2nd-Annual Shake-Up Earthquake Response Simulation Drill for Idyllwild. Simultaneously, MDP members were activated through emails and the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services Mountain District radio network.

Realistic situations were the norm during the Mountain Disaster Preparedness (MDP) Shake-Up Earthquake Response Simulation Drill, as shown here with Laurel Meskimen, right, portraying a pregnant woman needing medical attention. MDP’s Doris Lombard guides her to the nearest MDP medical team.

An Idyllwild resident with a serious eye injury portrayed by actress Betty Anderson receives first aid administered by MDP Medical Director Dr. Dick Goldberg and Dora Dillman, commander of the Disaster Aid Station (DAS) E located at Astrocamp.