Pine Cove Water District (PCWD) produced 3.5 million gallons of water during August, which was nearly 1.1 million gallons or 23 percent less than August 2010. This represents the smallest use during August since before 2002. For the first eight months of the year, PCWD production was 3 percent (650,000 gallons) less than the same period during 2010 and also the lowest production in a decade.

“Our wells are holding up very well,” said General Manager Jerry Holldber. “Well no. 10 [the agency’s monitoring well] is down only two feet since last month and well above the level a year ago.”

In other business, PCWD President Tom McCullough reported the draft audit for fiscal year 2010-11 had been received and reviewed. The Audit Committee had several questions about calculations, which have been quickly answered. No outstanding issues were found. Holldber expects the audit to be complete and presented at the October board meeting.

The Highway Tanks project is moving forward, according to Holldber. He noted that when finished, in an emergency when electricity is out, a generator would give the district the capability to move water at 400 gallons per minute. For the district, the maximum summer’s day demand is 175 gallons per minute, he added.