It’s a small garage, but still, it’s a place where the family car could be tucked away, out of the snow and rain.

But, problem was that it was filled with other possessions, thus leaving no room for the car. So, given the latest weather forecast, the owner decided it was time to move all of that other stuff out, and put the car where it belonged — in the garage.

It was no easy task, but after several hours of backbreaking work, the garage was ready. After wiping the sweat from his brow, the owner opened the garage door wide and drove the car into the space he had cleared.

“This is great,” he said to himself, then opened the car door to get out, or, at least he tried to open the car door to get out. He sat there for a while thinking of all the work he had done to make room for the stupid car, but no matter how hard he tried, he could not get the door open wide enough to get out. With a roar, he put the car in reverse, backed out, opened the car door, got out, and just stood there.

“Damned car! Damned garage!” he said out loud.

Ben Killingsworth