Timothy R. Chavez, you have an apparent belief that IFPD [Idyllwild Fire Protection District] can’t do anything without CDF [California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection], and they should be eliminated. My point, that you ignored, was if you solely rely on CDF, and are without a local fire department and without a county fire department, you are at the mercy of CDF’s limited resources, which are controlled by politicians.

I don’t know you, and wondered why you didn’t list your community under your name in your letter to the editor like the rest of us do. The Internet revealed you were employed as a CDF fire investigator. Knowing that, I understand you resent any complaints about your organization. But this doesn’t excuse your unprofessional name-calling in your letter.

You appear to have an undisclosed vested interest in IFPD shutting down. Your ignorance is displayed when you say no federal agency has a “let it burn” control burn policy.

For anyone who wants to read a concise review of the Cedar Fire, which killed 15 people, go to Wikipedia and read about the investigative report that criticized the overall response.

Also go to www.musseygraderoad.org/CedarFire/RMWD_Cedar_Session3.htm to read how the winds didn’t pick up until 11:30 p.m., making the fire out of control.

Go to www.musseygraderoad.org/CedarFire/RMWD_Cedar_Session2.htm to read about facts being gathered, keeping in mind the 911 tapes were missing.

This report includes the 23-year firefighter veteran who, because of his experience with CDF, advised neighbors to design their fire prevention with the thought in mind that CDF would not be coming if their resources had been sent to another fire with the no divert policy. Or, the CDF policy of not doing January or February fires. Or, that CDF often pulled Ramona’s engine to another area. Or, how CDF policies put their invaluable firefighters’ lives at risk. His conversation is informative.

He is for local paramedics on fire engines and getting out of the transport business. If paramedics are down the hill, you are left with no medical help.

On the Internet, you can also read about the San Diego County Regional Fire Authority, which has been created to coordinate CAL FIRE and regional and volunteer firefighting.

San Diego Fire-Rescue has signed a historical agreement with CAL FIRE to perform nighttime aerial water drops in CAL FIRE’s territory. Los Angeles County Air Operations and Orange County Fire Authority fly at night.

Sadly, I notice Riverside County (CAL FIRE) isn’t mentioned to have any night flying capabilities.

Merrie VonSeggern