Obviously Mr. Hoffman is a student of history what with all those quotes from Thomas Jefferson.

Likewise, I am a student of history and after considerable research I have discovered that the political movement called the Tea Party is not named after the Boston Tea Party as we suspected, but instead it is named after the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party of Alice in Wonderland where everything is not what it is supposed to be and down is up and up is down.

Let me give a few examples of some of the proposals of the Tea Party and its supporters:

(In order to save space from now on I will refer to the Tea Party, a.k.a. Republican Party, as TP)

Even though lack of regulation of business led to this depression and the Great Depression of the 1930s, the TP wants to weaken regulation even more.

Their solution to high unemployment is to fire teachers and government employees.

The TP folks want to weaken the EPA, which will pollute our air and water even more.

The TP folks want to cut back on Food and Drug Adminstration employees, which, or course, will result in more poisoned food and bad drugs.

More than 50 million Americans are without health insurance; the TP folks want to continue denying those folks even basic coverage. Private charities will provide this benefit.

The TP folks oppose any government work programs apparently because it might work.

The way to improve education is to cut teachers.

Tax the poor, not the rich.

Get rid of the Government Accounting Office because it constantly criticizes TP solutions to high unemployment.

The TP folks believe that too much government regulation led to the Madoff scandal.

The TP folks believe that unemployment benefits should be eliminated because they waste money.

The TP folks oppose any program that might create jobs because it might result in the re-election of President Obama.

Thomas R. Tefft
Idyllwild/Palm Desert