Artist and ceremonialist David Reid-Marr undertakes a second 24-hour performance piece, “Solodium,” beginning at 7 p.m. on 11/11/11 at Om Sweet Aum yoga studio, 26120 Ridgeview Drive. Last year Reid Marr, recent creator of the line of ceremonial cairns at Idyllwild Arts, completed a 24-hour drawing ritual in the forest. “At two in the morning, feeling vulnerable, I began to vocalize the characters I was drawing,” he said. “From that came the idea for the 24-hour chant cycle.”

In almost all religious traditions, chanting is found to have healing value, even if the practitioner doesn’t understand the words. It is the act of sonorous repetition that creates a salutary vibrational energy, whether the chants are Gregorian, Sanskrit or in Reid-Marr’s case, Molambolanis, his own secret childhood language.

The public and their donations are welcome. All donations go to furthering yogic practice at Sweet Aum. Reid-Marr believes the repetitive sonorities of the chant, continuing for 24 hours, will also further a social shift he sees occurring in this country.

“I really feel there is a big change in the air and we are reframing democracy,” he said. “This is also a recognition and celebration of that shift, but most of all it is in appreciation of my wife Jennifer, her love for real Yoga and how many lives she has touched through her devotion to it.”