Fred Stevens performing Navajo sandpainting at the Idyllwild Visitor Center in July 1977. file photo

70 years ago - 1949
Although there was snow along the shoreline of Hidden Lake, the lake itself was bone dry. There was speculation that a sharp earthquake during the winter opened a crack and drained off the water.

65 years ago - 1954
Ana Mary Elliott headed an Izaak Walton League committee dedicated to keeping riding trails in town open as more streets were paved.

60 years ago - 1959
The county backed the Forest Service in opening the Thomas Mountain area for recreational use. The mountain had been closed to public entry since World War II, except during wet months.

55 years ago - 1964
The State Highway Commission adopted a freeway plan for Highway 74 from Cranston to Mountain Center calling for a four-lane, 50 to 60 mph highway.

50 years ago - 1969
Hazel Cress, a civic leader in the Idyllwild community, died in Hemet. In addition to pioneering the Idyllwild Fire Protection District in 1946, she served with numerous service groups throughout the years.

45 years ago - 1974
Will Geer, “Grandpa” of the TV show “The Waltons,” performed Shakespeare at ISOMATA.

40 years ago - 1979
The Pine Cove Fire Department got a new fire truck. The 1979 quick-attack vehicle replaced the old army vehicle that was slow and inefficient.

35 years ago - 1984
It had been a very dry year so far: Only 4.75 inches of snow and 25.70 inches of rain had fallen.

30 years ago - 1989
LeRoy Smoot, Riverside County road commissioner, was adamant that the landmark tree in the middle of South Circle Drive must be cut down even though proponents of a move to carve the tree into a monument wanted it to remain in its original location.

25 years ago - 1994
A group of Hill residents thwarted the attempts of two Hemet teenagers to break into a car parked in the Hemet Federal Savings parking lot.

20 years ago - 1999
More than 100 people showed up for the Town Hall meeting on Y2K, sponsored by Mountain Disaster Preparedness and Coordinated Resource Management and Planning.
15 years ago - 2004
Idyllwild School cheerleaders performed their way into first place with a dance called “You Know” in the 2004 Jr. Miss Drill Team USA competition in Culver City.

10 years ago - 2009
The first Jimmy Campbell Memorial Softball Tournament took place at the Idyllwild field. Town Hall and Idyllwild School organized the tournament to raise money for the Campbell Kids Fund, for the four children of Jimmy Campbell, the late Town Hall director who died March 19 of an unexpected illness.

5 years ago - 2014
In preparation for the 2014 fire season, the U.S. Forest Service added four more aircraft to its next-generation firefighting fleet, bringing the total number of aircraft to 21 large air-tankers and more than 100 helicopters. The new aircraft was to enter into service in the coming weeks and support more than 10,000 firefighters for the 2014 wildfire season.

1 year ago - 2018
A new yearling bear showed up on the Hill.