Can someone please explain how local politics work around here?

We just had a general election. It was well publicized and well debated. Our fire department is in financial trouble, going from $1 million in reserves to $60,000 with very little accounting. The people of Idyllwild spoke loudly, strongly rejecting and voting out their president, Pete Capparelli.

Now Capparelli is back in, for another two years, only now he’s in charge of the purse strings, as treasurer. “Sneaky move by a lame-duck politician.”

Not my words, but the words from an inside observer. Two old board members voted him back in. If you read the details and our fire board’s justifications, there is no wonder why there is so much apathy and lack of trust in this small community.

Capparelli was voted out of office, don’t you know? Capparelli was in charge of finding a replacement. Don’t you know?

This is small town corruption, not local politics. By the way, Capparelli and crew have been trying to push community center and real estate development for the last 20 years, and each time the people get a chance to speak, they reject it.

Norm Cassen
Pine Cove

Editor’s note: Pete Capparelli was selected to fill the unexpired term of former Commissioner Ben Killingsworth, who was IFPD’s secretary and treasurer. But Capparelli’s selection does not automatically cede him those positions. The commission will chosoe its officers at the Nov. 30 special meeting.