As a small community, we are certainly not represented by ICRC/ICC [the Idyllwild Community Recreation council or the Idyllwild Community Center committee].

Since Idyllwild is not incorporated, we have no mayor nor council members to hear our complaints. We are relegated to sharing our complaints or praise in this quaint little newspaper. We can write all the letters we want, and express our views, hitting the nail on the head.

We, the 99 percent, can name the names of the one percent and cast aspersions on various people’s character. Everybody knows who the secret donors are.

If a poll were taken now, in Idyllwild, I would say that the capitalist, profit-making, supposed community center, would be voted down. In my opinion, we, the 99 percent of Idyllwild, do not want it and have no need for it.

America is still a place where private property and money hold sway. The one percent capitalists had a plan that usually works to force their developments on unwilling recipients. They chop many trees down and “uglify” the land so the citizens will long for something to fill the space.

The one percent capitalist developers who wanted to chop most of the trees down, to make parking lots and nifty little theme shops are dedicated to making profit. They bought the land cheap and seek to maximize profit on the backs of ordinary Idyllwild citizens.

As subterfuge, they donated the property to a private group of developers calling themselves ICRC or ICC. They put the word “community” in their title to try and get other people’s money to build their cash cow.

Unfortunately the economy is in the tank. Their plans will change when gas prices go higher, and weekender tourist traffic is curtailed.

What is good for the wealthy one percent is good for the one percent, they will then market “our” building as a “seminar” center. It will compete with Geoffery and Renate Caine’s Learning Center.

The one percent always has money for gas and a place to stay when they go somewhere. I am reminded of the hobo camp full of Idyllwild’s homeless only a hop, skip and a jump away from this future seminar center and playground. I hope the plans for this so called community center include benches for the homeless to sit in the sun and share in Idyllwild’s bounty.

Shoppers could probably hire the homeless to watch their kids while they shop. It’s a “job” provider, an example of the “trickle down” liberals are always screaming about.

T.S. Bennett
Mountain Center