Photo courtesy of Harold Voorheis

While Christmas is often thought of as a time for family, New Year is considered a time for friends. So if you are hosting a party, try using some ivy tendrils in a floral arrangement or a trailing plant itself in your entry to welcome guests. The ivy is a traditional symbol of friendship. If you are going to a friend’s home for a party, consider taking them a funky houseplant of a bouquet of special flowers. Wish them well with something that symbolizes wealth and abundance like a jade plant (Crassula) or a money tree (Pachira). You could also choose to take a bouquet that includes some stems of “lucky bamboo” (Dracaena) to wish them good luck, or select a floral arrangement that has green flowers (the color that is traditionally associated with good luck) like carnations, anthuriums or chrysanthemums. Above is a simple bouquet that incorporates green spider mums (also known as Fuji Chrysanthemum).