Pine Cove Water District (PCWD) General Manager Jerry Holldber reported that the district supplied more than 150,000 gallons to help fight the Lawler Fire. The district bills the Forest Service for water used. Holldber made the report at the district’s Jan. 11 board meeting.

Also at the meeting, the board voted for its 2012 officers and each has been asked to carry on the same duties this year. Tom McCullough is district president, Mike Esnard is the vice president and Lou Padula serves as secretary-treasurer.

In other business, Holldber discussed meeting with Idyllwild Water District General Manager Terry Lyons to coordinate emergency water stages between the two districts. Holldber believes it beneficial for the districts to coordinate the criteria for water emergencies and to get the districts on the same page regarding those triggers and when to call emergencies.

Holldber reported that district well levels are good shape. “Static measuring well 10 is at 65 feet, down just a couple feet from last month,” he said.

December production was at 1.97 million gallons up from 2010 but slightly down from 2009. He reported that as of Jan. 1 the district had 430 full-time home customers and 1093 meters.