A remodel is taking place at the Four Corners in Fern Valley, where the new Fern Creek Medical Center is set to open mid February at the former location of the Idyllwild Health Center, now on Lower Pine Crest. Photo by Cid Castillo

Four Corners is busy with the remodeling of the previous Idyllwild Health Center and the comiing of the Fern Creek Medical Center, a revitalization of the corner that Dr. Kenneth Browning, D.O. envisions as a seven day a week full service urgent care center.

Browning is a doctor of osteopathic medicine, a degree that holds the same rights and privileges as an M.D., but has traditionally concentrated on family practice. He has a current practice in Riverside but resides in Idyllwild. His long-term intention is to become a full-time Idyllwild resident at his local practice. Browning explained that osteopaths can also do spinal manipulation. He intends to concentrate on lifestyle medicine, which involves nutritional counseling and counseling on lifestyle changes that can create better health rather than treating health conditions solely with pills and prescriptions.

“In Riverside I have two lifestyle educators,” he explained. “I’ll continue that service in Idyllwild, providing information on therapeutic lifestyle changes that lead to five times less disease on average.” Elements of that approach include education in diet, movement and better sleep and internal peace. “I want to engage patients in taking responsibility for their own health,” he said. “We’re remodeling to create an environment that is welcoming.”

Browning plans to retain Nurse Practitioner Pam Sharp, who is returning to Idyllwild and also bring in a naturopath. “We’re putting together a team,” he said.

Browning plans to open the office by mid February and will take insurance. He will host an open house.

In other new business, Vic and Kate Sirkin will open a new gym “Meant to be Fit,” behind the acupuncture studio on North Circle. Sirkin said it would be a “membership fitness center with the feel of a private club. Membership will be limited to avoid a crowded environment.” The Sirkins said they would host an open house around the first of February. Contact [email protected] or (951) 326-6426 for additional information.

In other news, the Idyllwild Arts Community Arts Network (CAN) is opening a “Start-Up” center for the arts, in anticipation of a new Community Center, in a unit at the Apple Blossom Inn on Hwy. 243. For information contact Judy Schonebaum at [email protected].

Finally, Merkaba in Village Centre is moving to the former Faux Ever After site that anchors Village Lane. Owner Kathy Campbell said she should be open at the new location by the middle to end of February.