Idyllwild Garage tows a Suburban truck that rolled in Pine Cove on Wednesday. Photo by Cid Castillo
Pine Cove resident James Dunn rolled his 1990 Chevy Suburban on Hwy. 243, just south of the Pine Cove Market Wednesday.

James Dunn, who was driving the Suburban, explains why he was forced off the road to CHP Officer Murawski. Photo by Cid Castillo
Dunn said his vehicle rolled because he was forced off the road. When he came around the corner, a motorcycle stopped in his lane. Another vehicle was driving on the northbound side of the road, so Dunn steered into the mountainside to avoid a collision with the motorcycle or the vehicle traveling north.

The motorcycle driver, seeing the rollover come to a stop, drove off. The car traveling northbound, driven by Todd Wilkinson, stopped.

Dunn was wearing his seat belt and suffered no injuries. His Suburban was towed to Idyllwild Garage.