The Fern Valley Water District directors adopted a revised policy manual at their July 17 meeting. The major sections included the board of directors, board meetings and general policies such as budget preparation.

The Rate and Revenue Subcommittee, composed of directors Robert Krieger and Trisha Clark, did not meet this month. Consequently, nothing was reported on the possible rate increases and or pricing structure.

The board also awarded the pipeline-replacement contract for this fiscal year to El-Co Contractors. Its $611,050 bid was about $100,000 lower than the other submitted bid, General Manager Steve Erler told the board. More than 3,200 linear feet of pipe, five water hydrants and other work will be done over the next three months along San Jacinto, Tahquitz and Lodge roads. Erler expects the project to be completed before November.

In water business, Erler reported water consumption declined in June and subsequently, water revenue fell, too. The consumption during the May-June period was 18.9 percent (1.3 million gallons) less than in 2014.

“This is what you were shooting for when you went into Stage 3,” noted Director James Rees.

For the first half of the year, FVWD production was 14.3 million gallons, which was 8 percent less than the first six months of 2014.

The groundwater level of the district’s wells was relatively stable in June; nevertheless, they all remain lower than a year ago, according to Erler;

While well production has increased in the past two months, it remains significantly below the well production level of 89 percent in June 2014.

The results of a recent leak detection program have proven valuable to identifying and repairing leaks, Erler reported. “Although the unaccounted-for water over the past 12 months is about 14.7 percent, I expect the actual water loss is now below 10 percent,” he told the board.