Special Districts compensation payments
Following the August 2010 revelations about exorbitant public salaries in the City of Bell, Calif., State Controller John Chiang requested that California’s counties, cities and special districts report their salary and earnings data to his office. Last year, he began posting these data online for the public’s use.

As of Monday, Feb. 13, Chiang’s office has posted the 2010 salary data for two local districts — Idyllwild Fire Protection and Idyllwild Water. The salary information for Fern Valley and Pine Cove water districts will be posted in March. Pine Cove has already posted the data on its website (www.pcwd.org/personnel.html).

For each employee, the following information is available: department, classification (e.g., title), annual salary (minimum and maximum), total 2010 wages subject to Medicare, applicable defined benefit pension formula (e.g., 3 percent at 55 years) and the following employer 2010 contributions (share of pension benefits, deferred compensation, and health, dental and vision benefits).

Below is the Idyllwild Fire Protection District data. Over the following weeks, the Town Crier will publish the water districts’ data, too.

The column, “Employees’ Share of Pension Benefits,” represents any amount of the employee’s share of pension contributions that the employer pays. The “Health, Dental, Vision” column represents the total amount paid by the employer towards health, dental or vision benefits for the employee.

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Total 2010 2010 IFPD Contributions
Classification Annual Salary Minimum Annual Salary Maximum Wages Subject to Medicare Employee’s Share of Pension Health, Dental, Vision Benefits
Fire Chief (1) $93,864 $93,864 $ 53,170 $1,738 $1,300
(2) $94,987 $97,454 $ 59,725 $3,914 $2,250
Captain/Paramedic $68,711 $75,866 $90,017 $8,078 $8,400
Captain/Paramedic $68,711 $75,866 $97,616 $8,593 $8,400
Captain/Paramedic $68,711 $75,866 $107,865 $8,078 $8,400
Engineer/EMT $60,150 $67,551 $28,156 $2,387 $8,400
Fire Engineer/Paramedic $60,150 $67,551 $80,106 $7,050 $8,400
Fire Engineer/Paramedic $60,150 $67,551 $85,406 $7,110 $8,400
Fire Engineer/Paramedic $60,150 $67,551 $130,016 $7,063 $8,400
Firefighter Ltd. Term $37,800 $39,916 $24,881 $ 0 $ 0
Firefighter Ltd. Term $37,800 $42,600 $20,381 $0 $0
Firefighter $38,858 $43,792 $4,700 $272 $ 0
Firefighter $38,858 $43,792 $60,632 $4,045 $4,800
Firefighter $38,858 $43,792 $35,074 $4,045 $4,800
Admin. Assistant $27,090 $35,088 $17,107 $0 $350

In addition, IFPD reported 17 reserve firefighters and nine paid-call firefighters received wages in 2010, but no benefits.