Idyllwild Elementary School student Justine Levine captured the Town Crier staff of 1977’s hearts with this Valentine to the community, published on the front page of the Feb. 10 issue. File

55 years ago – 1957
Police called off the search for Stephen D. Gallagher, who was reported missing while hiking in Tahquitz Canyon. All that was found of him were his clothes and shoes, which he removed before his disappearance.

50 years ago – 1962
Three women joined the Pine Cove fire department’s rescue squad — the first ever. They worked driving the rescue vehicle, caring for the injured, and running the communication lines.

45 years ago – 1967
Dr. Spark Schnitzer gave an illustrated lecture about his expedition to Africa in search of documents relating to 19th-century explorer Dr. Emin Pasha, governor of Equatoria during the Mahdi revolt.

40 years ago – 1972
A Hawthorne man triggered an avalanche near San Jacinto peak, and was carried down the mountain 5,000 feet before landing at the base of Snow Creek Canyon above Palm Springs.

35 years ago – 1977
A 36-year-old transient was arrested in Pine Cove on charges of attempted murder, kidnapping and burglary.

20 years ago – 1992
Two Idyllwild Elementary School students were injured in a five-car collision on the way back from a school field trip. Luckily, they recovered quickly.

15 years ago – 1997
Raymond Lopez, who was the owner of the Idyll-Awhile Arcade, passed away at age 46.

10 years ago – 2002
“Labor of Love” fed more than 200 locals.

5 years ago – 2007
A couple from Parker, Ariz., were fortunate to suffer only minor injuries after their truck overturned and descended 50 feet off Highway 74, west of Carrizo Road in Pinyon.

1 year ago – 2011
Marshall Hawkins submitted his resignation as music director of the Idyllwild Jazz in the Pines.