I would say to the “complainers,” post your complaints so we can openly discuss them in an open forum. This town is getting tired of back-door politics.

I can’t tell you how many compliments and support my wife and I get walking through town, about the opinions we post in letters to the editor. Space won’t allow in this short forum.

Positive support (“keep writing,” “someone has to stand up,” and “don’t back down”) from town officials and directors, from business owners, from local workers and volunteers, from neighbors and from friends.

The troubled fire commission will not take questions from the community at their meetings. A director from the Idyllwild Community Recreation Council stated, “We’re a private company, we’re not required to take comments at our meetings.” At the last meeting of the Idyllwild Community Center, Bill Sanborn, president, proclaimed, “This is my meeting, no comments, only questions allowed.” Bill, before the meeting you asked for community feedback, at the meeting, “no comments allowed from the community.”

The community needs a truly open forum. Many have given up, finding a closed door going to the meetings. Don’t artificially limit it.

Let’s talk. Many of you that have questions, opinions, comments, complaints, post them on the letters to the editor. Officials and directors, reach out to the public, join the forum, stand up to open public scrutiny.

There will be dialogue, there will be diverse opinions, and there will be progress. Each author will wait patiently in line for available space, perhaps every two weeks, perhaps every three weeks or perhaps once a month.

Norm Cassen
Pine Cove