What a happy face I had when opening my last issue of the Crier and seeing the photo from so long ago — 1955 in Skunk Cabbage Meadows [“Past tense,” Feb. 12, 2015]. Golly, it seems like yesterday I was 14 years old and now at nearly 74 the memories are still so vivid.

I remember being so cold that Ernie [Maxwell] had to pile pine needles on my sleeping bad to try and keep us warm. In all the years I lived on the Hill, 56, I think I only made that hike that one time. How fun.

Seeing the photo of the kids — one now a pastor, one a principal of a high school and Ronnie [Wilson], a physician — oh, the good old days when life was just an adventure waiting to happen.

The Hill has changed. We had so much more for kids then: the pool, bowling alley, arcade, miniature golf and on and on. Idyllwild will always be my home, even though I now reside in beautiful St. George, Utah.

Whenever I come for a visit, I look at the trees in the front of the elementary school and remember planting them in 1953, like yesterday again. I remember trick or treating way out to Sophie McConnel’s house on Doubleview Drive just for her popcorn balls.

Dale Bischof, also in the photo, was my first boyfriend in seventh grade. Carol Michelsen was my gal pal and every Saturday, after chores, we would make tuna sandwiches and hike up to Eagle Rock. There are now many beautiful homes at that location taking advantage of the breathtaking view.

Oh, I could go on and on but know I had better stop this before you get bored.

Please know that I am and always will be one of your favorite fans and getting my hands on the weekly Town Crier is one of my favorite things.

Suzy (Shinn) Hoffman Jones
St. George, Utah