This photo, published March 19, 1987, shows then County Supervisor Kay Ceniceros, standing, at a Town Hall meeting to address Idyllwild’s parking problem. Ceniceros said a parking lot downtown would help solve most of the area’s parking problems. Compounding the problem was a new Caltrans policy that would have eliminated parking in the state right-of-way that extends 100 feet in either direction of a state highway. In Idyllwild, the right-of-way was only 23 feet. Because of the liability problem, the state passed a law in 1978 that prohibits backing into a state right-of-way. Riverside County had waived some of its parking requirements for businesses in Idyllwild that were built before the parking law took effect. Also pictured were County Supervising Planner Jerry Joliffe, Idyllwild Chamber of Commerce President Jim Goff and Administrative Assistant Melba Hoffman. More than 60 people attended the meeting. File photo0

60 years ago - 1952
The Chamber of Commerce boasted 66 business members and 223 nonbusiness members.

55 years ago - 1957
The Forest Service reported the poorest snow pack since the annual surveys began. Average depth on the course was 3.15 inches, with several of the measuring points bare.

50 years ago - 1962
There was rain, snow, hail and a blizzard during the week. The mountain was deep in snow. Water prospects for the summer were excellent.

45 years ago - 1967
Idyllwild Fire Protection District commissioners approved purchase of land for a new fire station. The property, priced at $32,000, adjoined Idyllwild Inn.

35 years ago - 1977
Parents of the child who started the disastrous Lake Hemet Fire in 1975 were ordered to pay the Forest Service a $50,000 settlement.

30 years ago - 1982
Fairway Foods opened its door to customers.

20 years ago - 1992
The Idyllwild Fire Protection District board accepted a 41-percent increase in the ambulance fee. The base rate was $255 but changed to $360.

15 years ago - 1997
Idyllwild School was chosen for the month to be one of 50 WeatherNet sites. Weather information from the school was broadcast on NBC 4’s television news program.

10 years ago - 2002
A San Diego nonprofit group announced plans to build a Jewish youth summer camp and retreat center on the 153 acres of land occupied by Living Free Animal Sanctuary.

5 years ago - 2007
Idyllwild Arts appealed the CalOSHA proposed citations resulting from the August 2006 death of an employee.

1 year ago - 2011
Drug stores throughout the state, including Idyllwild Pharmacy, were reporting depleted stocks of potassium iodide, as customers rushed to stock the radiation-combating pills as a precaution against spread of radioactivity from Japan’s growing nuclear crisis.