Idyllwild has always been a favorite location for weddings. Cathleen and Bob Haine are shown cutting their wedding cake on Saturday, July 16, 1977. Since then, both have retired from the Chaffey High School District and divide their time between their homes in Rancho Cucamonga and Fern Valley. Town Crier file photo

60 years ago - 1951
Residents reported ice one morning when the temperature dropped to the 30s.

55 years ago - 1956
About 300 people jammed Town Hall to vote on zoning for the Idyllwild area. After a stormy discussion, a zoning plan was adopted by a 5-to-1 majority.

50 years ago - 1961
Bids were being accepted for a rural contract branch post office in Pine Cove.

45 years ago - 1966
A Town Crier story reported that the sound of steel drums would be heard at ISOMATA’s Folk Music Workshop.

40 years ago - 1971
Heavy equipment was clearing a site on Lower Pine Crest to make way for Forest Lumber’s new quarters.

35 years ago - 1976
It was hot, too hot. Temperatures were in the 90s for seven straight days.

30 years ago - 1981
The Town Crier’s front page featured a story about Idyllwild resident Barbara Hunt’s effort to raise orphaned and injured baby squirrels. Hunt is still at it.

25 years ago - 1986
More than 500 people attended the 5th-annual Pops In the Park concert sponsored by the Idyllwild Property Owners Association at Town Hall.

20 years ago - 1991
The Hemet Unified School District board voted to charge for bus service for students.

15 years ago - 1996
Idyllwild business owners were lamenting the lack of tourists following the Bee Canyon Fire and subsequent false rumors that the town had been heavily damaged by the fire.

10 years ago - 2001
A 100th anniversary celebration of the naming of Idyllwild in June 1901 was being planned by the Idyllwild Area Historical Society.

5 years ago - 2006
The Idyllwild Chamber board voted to begin transferring responsibility for recreation management to the Idyllwild Community Recreation Council.

1 year ago - 2010
Organizers of Idyllwild’s first Lemon Lily Festival were gearing up for that weekend’s big event, which ended up being a success. This year’s Lemon Lily Festival is this weekend.