Thursday morning, four guest students from different Junior high schools in Marumori, Japan, sister city to Hemet, visited Idyllwild School. Students from Japan and Idyllwild exchanged gifts. Photo by Careena Chase

During introductions are (from left) Ben Cruz (hosting Nene Saito), Nobuko Christenson, Nene Saito, Momako Sato, Addison Wilson (hosting Momako Sato), Sable Summerfield (hosting Yukako Ogawa), Yukako Ogawa and Sage See (hosting Akane Osawa), Akane Osawa. Hiroshi Hayashi (inset photo, on the left) presents Idyllwild School Principal Matt Kraemer with thank-you gifts for hosting the four Japanese students from Marumori, Japan. Ken Young is pictured too). Photo by Careena Chase