Attendees at the sheriff’s meeting expressed appreciation for the department’s speaking directly with the community as well as for the specific suggestions offered during the session.

“Just what we needed to hear. A really great presentation,” said Dave Cuhse. “Very helpful.”

Don Hales, the Fire Department chaplain, had a similar reaction. “Very informative. The captain [Scot Collins] did a great job keeping the meeting moving forward with the result that all the areas he outlined were covered.”

Collins information surprised some attendees and confirmed local perceptions.

“To have the [crime] statistics presented up front was very useful. I’m gratified to learn that violent crime is not an issue,” said Nancy Layton. “… The information was presented in an even-handed way that helps us understand how to help the Sheriff’s Department.”

The data were bracing to some who have been victims and also worried them about future incidents. “The information helped. It did not necessarily give me a sense of security,” said Martha Snyder, Idyllwild Pines executive director. “We’ve been hit seven or eight times.”

Collins’ suggestions have changed some thinking about how to thwart burglars. “I’m glad to know that security systems and surveillance cameras are not that expensive to purchase and install,” Snyder said. “My biggest concern is not what is being taken [in the incidents on Idyllwild Pines property] but for safety of workers and camp guests.”