Riverside County Animal Services arrives in Pine Cove Monday afternoon to rescue “Papo” from the home of Ron Kimmerle house after being arrested by the Riverside County Sheriffs Department. “Papo” struggled with Deputy Cadenhead and Riverside County Animal Services. Photo by Jenny Kirchner

Riverside Sheriff’s Department Hemet Station deputies arrested Pine Cove resident Ron Kimmerle, 49, on suspicion of making criminal threats, a felony under California Penal Code 422. Hemet Station Special Investigations Supervisor Sgt. Wallace Clear confirmed the charges for which Kimmerle was arrested. The arrest occurred around noon on Monday, May 7 at Kimmerle’s Pine Cove cabin in the 25000 block of Laurel Drive. Deputies remained on the scene throughout the afternoon conducting further investigations.

Neighbor Lynette Poor summoned police over threats she said Kimmerle had made against her husband. “I’m tired of it,” she said referring to Kimmerle’s threats against and abuse of neighbors. “He threatened my husband with a weapon in the street. This has got to stop. He’s threatened many in the community.”

Officers at the Pine Cove residence of Ron Kimmerle before he was arrested again Monday. Photo by Jenny Kirchner
This is Kimmerle’s second arrest in a little more than a week. Hemet Station deputies first arrested Kimmerle on Friday, April 27 on suspicion of receiving stolen property. After a night in county jail, Kimmerle posted a bond of $500 on $5,000 bail and was released. Hemet Station Special Investigations Supervisor Wallace Clear said that his department is still inventorying stolen items that were in Kimmerle’s possession at the time of the April 27 arrest in ongoing efforts to return the stolen articles to their rightful owners. “Additional charges are likely to be filed as the inventory of stolen goods is completed,” said Clear.
Riverside County Animal Services arrives in Pine Cove Monday afternoon to rescue “Papo” from the home of Ron Kimmerle house after being arrested by the Riverside County Sheriffs Department. Photo by Jenny Kirchner

One of the officers making today’s arrest, Sgt. Jim Wilson, said residents of Pine Cove have been very helpful in providing the Sheriff’s Department with information that has assisted these arrests. Wilson stressed that it is the constitutional right of an arrested person to post bail if they can, unless the severity of the charges precludes bail, and that this is a matter over which the Sheriff’s Department has no direct control.

Officers from Riverside County Animal Control arrived around 3:15 p.m. to take Kimmerle’s horse and dogs to a shelter for safekeeping. Animal Control Public Information Officer John Welsh said he believed the animals would be taken to the department’s shelter in the Coachella Valley.

No information is yet available on the Superior Court website regarding this latest arrest of Kimmerle.


  1. That horse is clearly underfed as evidenced by the amount of ribs showing in the photo. His owner should be charged with animal neglect and the horse should not be allowed to go back to him under any circumstances.

  2. The rescue place that ends up with the horse will see that it is malnourished and wil most likely start the legal proceedings to get the horse away from Ron Kimmerle. Let's hope he gets put away for a long time so we don't have to see his "smirk" any more. I also hope that he doesn't get his dogs back. They are good animals. Unfortunately for them, they live with a madman.

  3. The judge should know that he has a case pending against him and that this charge should be taken much more seriously If it's not, he will eventually hurt someone The legal system is something Mr. Kimmerle is very good at manipulating . Let's hope things go our way this time.

  4. If you only knew what he has done to destroy the lives of loving community residents who have been on this mountain for 46 years! It is very disappointing that our "judge" posted bail at 5000.00 originally – really? Fortunately it is an election year – lets all make our vote count and keep these folks from re election.
    We can only hope that there is enough to keep him away for more then 24 hours!

  5. I am saddend by the first picture that the TC has chosen post which depicts a temperment which is not at all typical of this horse. From what I can tell of the picture, they are utulizing two "cross tie" types of lead lines, along with a stud chain, the gentleman on the left is applying pressure to the horse using this stud chain on either over his nose, or under his chin, I cannot tell which.

  6. Any horse that has pressure applied to it in this manner that is under stress will set back, and display this type of behavior. I have had first hand contact with this horse (when Ronnie was in jail the 1st time) Although he was head shy to me at first, after a few minutes of soft talk, carrots, and gentleness, he came to me for more. Papo is very well trained, very soft, and leads with no issues, I know this first hand as I lead him to check his soundness. I am not posting this to say that AC did anything wrong, they don't know the horse, and were using this type of lead configuration for thier protection, I just wanted to clairify why the horse reacted to them in this manner for non-horse people. He is a quiet, lovely animal, and I am SO happy that he is in a safe place now.

  7. From the article, it sounds like he got his dogs back, after he was arrested the first time? I doubt that they are licensed, chipped, or that they've had their shots……so how does he get themback??

  8. Can someone answer a question regarding ownership of the property where the suspect lives? Is it owned by a relative? If not, there is no reason why the landlord should not begin eviction proceedings immediately.

  9. I live down the street from that maniac and have been yelled at by him for no reason. I know of several other locals who were also yelled at, who also didn't deserve it. He uses very harsh language including sexual and racial insults. Insane Ron is almost always high on meth or drunk on beer. I've never seen him abuse the horse, but know that it never had the proper food available. Insane Ron would "park" the horse wherever there was grass so it could eat. When insane Ron had a car, he drove like an ass. He tailgated a foot off the car in front, and passed over double yellows regularly. Very glad to see him in jail, but hopeful he's in for a long while. If anyone has info on who owns the cabin where he lives, I'd like to know.

  10. Abusing the horse is not only by doing so physically. By him not feeding him the proper food, using the horse as his mode of transportation and not having proper shelter is a form of abuse.

  11. Gitcher eyes and ears on folks, just heard that he's out on his own recognizance. My guess is that he's not going to be a happy camper and continue to paint a swath of no good around our dear town.

  12. Out? Wow, he really does know how to work the system. Now's the time for all of us to keep a very close eye on him and call the sheriff's dept the minute he starts his ranting, his raving, his threats and itimidation towards anyone. We can't let him control us anymore.

  13. Ronnald was living in those (6) cabins to "fix them up to rent" The owner lives in Long Beach and is having him evicted….not like it even matters now…. I am consufed as to how the owner did not know the "progress" that Ronnald was doing to those cabins. hmmmmm like putting my items in all of them! Now he is where he belongs. As I was searching through all the cabins looking for my items that were stolen, i found naked pictures of Ronnald, 2 crack pipes, no running water….he even packed his fridge and oven with items that were most likely stolen. He broke into my cabin for the first time and went through everything, lifted up pictures on the wall, stole anything worth value and went through every drawer and trashed the entire place and left a box full of soap, aspirin, towels…etc and CAME BACK for it between the 3 days that I was not there. This is insane to know that he lives so close to my cabin. If he does not stay in Jail this time, WE ALL NEED TO REFUSE SERVICE TO HIM! he has threatened peoples lives….he is probably to a point where he could do anything now.