I may be the only person to object to the cartoon by Chris Fisher in the Town Crier’s May 17, edition, but I need to vent. I find it ironic that the word c­­‑‑‑ appears in a cartoon on the same page as J.P.’s editorial which mentions, among other things, the recent awards the newspaper received, the publisher’s newly elected position, and the retirement of six of Idyllwild’s finest teachers.

I am a retired teacher and (outside of my classroom), I have been known to let fly colorful comments on occasion. However, given the multiple choices (I assume) that the TC has in placing an amusing cartoon on the editorial or letter page, I found this one in very poor taste. Is this language what the TC wants reflected to the community and visitors, not to mention children who love to read cartoons?

My husband and I love Idyllwild and the TC — we have been part-time residents and TC subscribers for 30 years — so I am disappointed that your standards have been lowered to such a level.

Carol Steele