Flickers are calling, the Western bluebirds have returned, days are getting longer, and it is time to be “bear aware.”
At last count, we have two bears with whom we share our mountains, the Rite Aid bear and a younger blonde bear who showed up last spring.
As our bears emerge from their winter dens, it’s time to prepare to make sure that our properties are not going to attract a bear to our garbage or food. If a bear learns that humans can be a source of providing food, that will lead to problems, often property damage and, unfortunately, the euthanizing of the problem bear.
I find much delight in knowing that we have such an amazing diverse and abundance of wildlife in our mountain community. If we want to live in harmony with Rite Aid, and other bears, then we should make sure we are careful about the placement of our bird feeders, hummingbird feeders, barbecue grills, and, of course, our food and garbage.
Local businesses and campgrounds also need to make sure their dumpsters are not left open to attract bears, raccoons, foxes, skunks, or coyotes. Outsmarting bears is not easy, but it is our duty. Let’s work together to keep Idy wild.
Frank Baele