Janice Murasko announced fifteen nominations for the June election of an Idyllwild Mayor. The election will be June 11 through June 13.

The local Cat Party could only field two candidates, seemingly indicative of this species’ natural aloofness and independence.

The Dog Party nominated a pack of 13 candidates ranging in size from a handful to a chair-full. All of these candidates are panting for the campaign to begin.

In this election, money will determine the outcome. The candidates and their campaign managers are listed below.



Cat or furry felines
Inksworth von Fluffypants of Zanzibar “INKY” Julie Johnson
Paris Adamson Jennifer & Tom Adamson
Dog or clever canines
Cayenne Pepper Sandii Castleberry
Chip Gary Budnick
Dawson Phyllis Brown
Hogan Madelaine W. Barnett
JoJo Sandii Castleberry
Lucky Kathy Keane
Maximus Mighty-dog Mueller Phyllis Mueller
Roxi du Dog Joanne Selby
Kula Bryan Tallent and John Stonitsch
Ruby Marcia Krull
Stitch Jerry Holldber
Stoli O’Rock Susi Questad
Tots Marilyn Kemple
Winston Holiday Cohen