Fern Valley Water District board of directors considered a draft $1 million budget for fiscal 2012-13 (starting July 1). While income is projected to increase $12,000, expenses will fall more than $500,000 because a $546,000 pipeline replacement contract was completed during this year. The total capital budget for next year is $28,000. The slight increase in water sales revenue is due to an anticipated rate increase. Action on the budget will be taken at the June meeting.

In his general manager’s report, Steve Erler noted that water production is down, with adjusted production reduced from 832,843 gallons to 648,746. Residential sales are also reduced at about half the rate from same month last year. Office Manager Jessica Priefer pointed out that last year’s March/April comparison was based on estimates, owing to weather conditions.

The board also deferred consideration of an amendment to the PERS contact regarding employer retirement contribution. Director Robert Krieger suggested the board take more time to consider changing benefits being calculated on final year of work to a three-year average, as has been proposed for state employees by Gov. Jerry Brown. “We should review, listen to staff, and then decide,” said Krieger.