Idyllwild has always been a special place. From before the first roads were constructed, I’m sure whoever climbed to the Hill felt something different from the flatlands, something unique.

Even the stories about the construction of Town Hall tell about a town that was communal and cared about friends and neighbors. Town Hall wasn’t a commercial development; rather it was for the residents. And still is.

And that spirit of helping, of caring about the people with whom we share this rock continues to this day.

Start with this photo. The election of the Idyllwild Mayor and the town’s cabinet has been a major event for several weeks. Dozens of people and pets are paying attention. The response and turnout for this idea has been beyond expectation. And the Town Crier will be at the first Idyllwild Mayor’s inauguration July 1.

But the comity doesn’t stop with humorous pet projects. Read the playground story here. The construction of the new playground will involve hundreds of volunteers.

Dawn Sonnier, her mother, and crew have worked years for this week. And what more appropriate completion date, than Father’s Day. Kudos to Dawn and her team and all the volunteers.

But these efforts of community support and protection don’t stop with visible and large projects. Smaller and critical projects occur all the time, often without others being aware. The Pine Cove Property Owners Association’s generous donations and the Mountain Disaster Preparedness’ concern for protecting and helping all who live here if a disaster occured are simply the two latest examples of how our neighbors are caring for all of us.

Thanks to every person involved in these actions and to all who live here. I’m grateful for your choices.