Idyllwild School Principal Matt Kraemer announced the names of the teachers who would be filling the vacancies created by the retirement this month of six longtime faculty members. He also mentioned one more position that was added for the 2012-13 school year, bringing the new teacher total to seven.

Their names of new faculty members and their former assignments are below:

  • Michelle Adler (Diamond Valley Middle School)
  • George Companiott (Dartmouth Middle School)
  • Vicki McDonald (Little Lake Elementary)
  • Darren McKay (Ramona Elementary)
  • Brennen Priefer (Jacob Wiens Elementary)
  • Christy Tilley (Rancho Viejo Middle School)
  • Sarah Wales (Acacia Middle School)

The retired teachers are Iva Botton, Patty Carratello, Diane D’Arcy, Joan Gray, Holly Guntermann and Vic Scavarda.